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Entrance Doors for Every Need

As Westchester’s premier entrance door supplier, Action Lock and Door is the obvious choice for all of your entrance door needs.  We offer doors for any commercial, industrial, or residential application. We have wood, aluminum, steel, kalamene, glass, and fiberglass doors, and more. We are also happy to service your existing doors, including door re-hanging, hinge repair and replacement, sliding door repairs, weather stripping, and virtually any other door maintenance you might require. Whether you’re in the middle of new construction, maintenance on an existing structure, or simply need a repair, Action Lock and Door is your best choice for doors in Westchester County.
At Action Lock and Door, we recognize that keeping your prized possessions and critical documents safe is a high priority for both residential and business customers. This is why we provide safes for the Westchester County area in an extensive selection of residential and commercial styles to meet all of your needs. We are pleased to offer Gardall safes, a world-recognized manufacturer of top-quality safes, lock-boxes, and other security devices. Whatever your needs, Gardall has a safe that will provide the securit you deserve. For Westchester County safes, your obvious choice is Action Lock and Door. Call us today at 914-237-5824 to see how we can help you.  
Protecting your windows and doors from unauthorized access is a critical element of any home safety plan.  For this reason, Action Lock and Door is a premier supplier of gates and bars for Westchester County, including child guards, window bars, and fire egress gates for any purpose. We offer window bars for any environment including ac box tops, triple circles, window boxes, floor window boxes, door grilles, window grilles, and many, many more.  If you’re looking for a Westchester County window bar and gate supplier, Action Lock and Door should be your first choice. Ensure your home and business safety today.  Contact Action Lock and Door today to see how we can help you protect your loved ones and provide you with the peace of mind that security brings.
Whether it’s an emergency or regular maintenance, Action Lock and Door is pleased to provide a complete range of locksmith services for Westchester County and the surrounding area. Maintaining your locks properly is a key element of ensuring your home security, especially if locks are older and becoming unreliable . Waiting until a lock completely fails can leave you stuck and waiting in an emergency. As a long-time Westchester County locksmith, we are happy to provide service for your locks on either a scheduled or emergency basis. Please call Action Lock and Door at 914-237-5824 for both emergencies and regular services, and see how we can effectively and affordably meet all of your lock and door needs.
At Action Lock and Door, we have an impressive selection of doors to suit any home, commercial, or industry needs. As a premier supplier of doors for Westchester County and the surrounding area, we have many years of experience providing the exact doors to meet your requirements. We have doors constructed from wood and metal, and we even carry specialty doors such as entrance doors, storm doors, and even garage doors. Whatever your needs, we’re pleased to be Westchester’s door supplier of choice. Call us today 914-237-5824 or visit us online at www.actionlockanddoor.com for more information.
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