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Storm Doors


Everyone wants to assure that they remain safe and sound all the time. Choosing first-line defenses for your home that are hardworking and personalized to save you money is the first step in making your home energy efficient. The storm door is one of the most significant of these first-line defenses.

If you installed cheap aluminum doors that slam shut and fall off their hinges, it’s time for an upgrade. With the world changing at a faster rate, there has been an upgrade in storm doors. These days, you can get storm doors for your Westchester home that are made of thicker materials than screen doors of the past, like stainless steel, glass, vinyl, or plastic compositions, making them far more durable.



CDC - The Combination Door Company

The doors made by the Combination Door Company are among the best in the world. They give the same attention to detail as tiny handcrafters, but with the benefit of shorter lead times, consistency, and superior technology. Their doors are available in a variety of wood species and sizes, including standard and bespoke options.

These all-wood screen doors provide the great quality and design that your home deserves. These screen doors are designed to withstand high traffic from top to bottom. They’re today’s greatest buy-in screen doors, designed for stylish, long-lasting service and made of robust western woods. Make your home look great and receive quality without compromising on style.



ProVia Residential Storm Doors

ProVia Doors (formerly Sugarcreek Industries) storm doors protect your entry doors by keeping the elements out while adding value and charm to your property.

ProVia offers the maximum level of customization to create storm door products that appeal to the aesthetic and practical needs of every home, with 54 types of aluminium storm doors and countless additional glass options among five different manufacturers.

Retractable screens at the top and bottom of the Spectrum Storm Doors provide additional venting choices. The Decorator Series features fashionable designs for immediate curb appeal. The Deluxe series storm doors come with a variety of full-screen and top-screen configurations. With heavy-duty, non-removable stainless steel screens, the Duraguard Series storm doors are great for keeping children and pets safe inside.

For homeowners who value immaculate, uncompromising quality, Provia storm doors are indeed the best option.



Guardian - Storm Doors & Entry Systems

Guardian creates only the highest-quality entry and security doors on the market. Guardian tries to create long-lasting, resilient door goods that will keep your home looking beautiful and functional for many years. With the strength of our heavy-gauge decorative steel security storm doors, you can give your family peace of mind. When you choose Action Lock & Door’s high-quality lock repair services, you'll never have to worry about your security again.

Storm Doors FAQs

What are storm doors, and why should I consider installing one?

Installing storm doors in front of your main entry door increases energy efficiency, security, and ventilation and provides additional weather protection. Besides extending the lifespan of your primary entryway door, storm doors can also save you money.

How do I choose the right storm door for my home?

You should choose a storm door based on a number of factors, including durability, energy efficiency, and design. You should choose a door that is made of durable materials such as aluminum or fiberglass with weatherstripping and low-emissivity glass. Furthermore, choose a door that complements your home’s exterior design.

Can storm doors be customized to fit my home's unique needs?

Yes, the storm door can be customized to suit your needs. You can choose from a wide range of sizes, styles, and finishes to match the architectural style of your home, as well as different glass options, screen types, and other features, such as retractable screens and pet doors.

What do I need to know about storm doors?

Weather is unpredictable, so you need to make sure your home is safe and durable. Action Lock & Door sells storm doors made of hardy materials that will withstand extreme conditions.

Do storm doors have the ability to be used alone?

Storm doors are usually thinner than entry doors, so they shouldn’t be used as exterior doors. As well, some storm doors are only made of glass, which may not be appropriate for use as an entry door.



Our website has a complete list of products for you to choose from. Our installation crew is competent and tidy and will gladly help you. We have a window or door for every home and any budget, whether you’re searching for low-cost vinyl windows or a high-end designer wood product.

We are your trusted source for storm doors! Our collection of storm doors combines durability and style, offering enhanced protection against the elements of your home. We offer exceptional products and unparalleled customer service as one of the leading storm door companies near you. Choose a storm door that suits your home’s style and meets your needs. The team at Action Lock and Door prioritizes your satisfaction and offers reliable solutions. Make your home more secure and curb appealing with premium storm doors!

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