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Expert Locksmiths for Westchester, NY

A locksmith is more than just the guy you call when you’re locked out of your car. While our expert locksmiths are happy to help you out in that unfortunate situation, they can also install a wide variety of systems to restrict access and provide safety and security far beyond a regular deadbolt. At Action Lock and Door, our locksmiths service and provide security to Westchester and Bronx counties for both residential and commercial properties. An important security option offered by Action Lock and Door is the bell and buzzer system, commonly found in multi-apartment buildings. For safety reasons, a bell and buzzer is the first line of defense against somebody unwelcome entering your building-simply don’t allow them entry at all! For a business property, a more logical and secure entry-lock system is the method of card-swipe entry, where those allowed access are issued a card (usually containing a magnetic bar or RFID chip), which they must pass through a mounted reader to gain entry. This provides security for buildings where many employees come and go each day, and offers the added advantage of tracking movement in and out of the building. For the average home needs, Action Lock and Door offers extremely high reliability deadbolts and door locks to provide residents that extra touch of safety needed in today’s world. These are just a few of the numerous security options offered by the Westchester locksmiths at Action Lock and Door, but as you can see, we have you and your property covered!
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